Wanna move your cursor without mouse?

Click Start.
Click Run.
Type “access.cpl”(without quotes).
Click on ‘mouse’ tab.
Check ‘use mouse keys’.
Click ok.

Now make sure that num lock is on.
Now try to move the cursor with the numbers on the numeric key pad.
That’s Working!!!!

U can even move a file with this techinque.
Move the cursor on to the file which is to be moved.
Hold insert on the numberic keypad i.e ‘0’ and then move the cursor
using the numbers in the pad.
After moving the file to a desired location press del.
That’s All.


8 thoughts on “Wanna move your cursor without mouse?

  1. wow..that was cool..

    great.! my searches had good results especially that someone borrowed our mouse and I thought I won’t miss this pc..LoL

  2. thisn is most usefull for me.
    now i learn how the cursor go without mouse.
    this wondraful memories for me.

  3. really great,
    i believe, doing something different & better will be recognized.
    i learnt a great concept today with your help.
    thanks buddy,,,
    keep on continue your different concepts

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