Using Google to read thousands of books – legally.

10 Steps:

1. Go to:

2. Enter the title of any book you would like to read.

3. Now that you can see the titles of the books, click on the book that you like.

4. Goto the CONTENTS page and see if the book has what you are looking for.

5. Note the page number of the book that interests you.

6. There is an option “SEARCH WITHIN THE BOOK”. Just enter the page number (say 152) of the book and hit ENTER.

7. Some links get opened. Click the one that shows “Page 152”.

8. U can read 3 pages before and 3 pages after your specified page. Now enter the page number that u want to read (in the similar fashion).

9. In this way u can read all the books of the world that is with GOOGLE.

10. ENJOY.

8 thoughts on “Using Google to read thousands of books – legally.

  1. This only actually works with books that are out of copyright or for which Google has permission from the publisher.

  2. There are also a number of books for which large portions of text are omitted, often those that are the most significant.

  3. another even better and easier way to legally read out-of-copyright or copyrighted books is at a goddamn library.

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