Turn Your Headphones Into A Mic!

1.)Take any headphone you want. Doesn’t matter if its the buds or the ones that go around your ear.

2.)Open up Sound Recorder(If you’re using Windows)

3.)Plug in your headphones in the Pink Jack on your Laptop or Desktop.

4.)Press the record button on Sound Recorder and put the left part up to your mouth and make noise. Do the same for the right side. Which ever part you get results from(you will know this by the sound recorder showing the movement of sound in the display)

There you go. That’s it. Now the next time someone asks if you have a mic and you say no, think again. You might have to talk a little louder than normal, but at least you have a Mic.

You can use it with skype, msn or any chat client. Enjoy…

Thank You.

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