How to Download Directly from Yastorage.

Step:1-When you enter the main page, click Request.
Step:2-Then in the new page click the first D from download file:
you have to click F or D, Try both.

Step:3-Final Step: Just enjoy your direct One link http download.

If you need help doing this, just write a comment about this. And I will upload pictures for you.

Thank You.

24 thoughts on “How to Download Directly from Yastorage.

  1. hey, umm i neeed lots fo help for i got the request part but then i see it says “download”Link and if u slide your mouse cursor over the “download” part in the download link park its an ad so umm ya can you please help me

  2. Geoff, see where it says:
    “Above is your download link.
    Your download link will expires in 5 minutes.”

    Above this sentence is written: “Download File”
    Now put your cursor over the D or the F and see which one works. Then click on it. 😉
    That is all. Tell me what happens with you 😉

  3. Most of the time it doesn’t work for me. Usually there’s no download link anywhere in the “Download File” text. And sometimes the “Download File” has ad text on it, so clicking on it just gives a popup. So annoying! Can’t download :(

  4. It worked for me a few times yesterday evening just as you say, but after that I couldn’t find any link. Then I could download again at like 3 am, but since this morning I haven’t been able to click the text anymore.

    I do notice that in your pic you have no adds on the page, but mine is covered in ads. I guess you’re a member? Maybe that has something to do with it…

  5. Sure, tried both D and F. Tried clicking other places too, not working. Seems yastorage doesn’t like my IP. I tried accessing the site using a proxy, and I was able to click the download link – but can’t download huge files throught the proxy.

    That’s the link I’m trying atm, but I tried others and none of them work. It’s gigashare but after you wait and click the continuation link, and then click the button with the blue arrow pointing downward, it transfers to yastorage. Should work for you since you had no problems so far… Going to a friend’s place, see if I can download there.

  6. hey i’m tryin to download from yaStorage to but i get the same problem i don’t get the download link at the D or the F it’s pretty annoying

  7. Hello Plika, I am not sure why some people can click on the F or D and some can’t. Maybe post a screenshot so I could understand better your problem.
    Thank You.

  8. Hello, I’m trying to download from this site as well and its not working at all. As a matter of fact, after I click request, it doesn’t even say Download File, but instead it says (and yes this is right because I’m about to copy/paste, not type this) “Downloading File” And not a single letter is clickable on it. If anyone wants to email or instant message me, my Screen name is

  9. I need help also. The whole click “D” and “F” works but when I DL a file I want, I get ZERO kb for the file size! Its like it doesn’t download at all, I tried downloading from 2 different computers but it still happens. WHATS UP WITH THAT!?

  10. I got it 2 work on the page with the ads click on request dowload. but u must click on the word request. then click on the file in download file. hope u ppl understand now

  11. Hi, I never really had the problem with downloading in Yastorage but recently i can’t download from yastorage anymore. I mean i get to the download part, I click the download click, it downloads for 1 second and its done… so in reality I just have this blank copy that is 1 kb big and you can’t open it.

    Does anyone else have similar dilema?

  12. Ah damn!!
    Everybody is having that problem… we’re all getting only a 0 kb download…!!

    Plz send me a mail if you guys fig out a way…

  13. When I click on the blue arrow and find myself redirected to YASTORAGE, it’s the main page, not even a download page. does this mean that the link is dead and the file deleted, or does it mean Gigeshare is fried?

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