Get Demonoid Invite – Demonoid Is Back.

February 15, 2012 update: Read HERE

May 19 2009 UPDATE: I will start giving demonoid invites again.
Please email with the reason why you need an account.
If you own a website or a blog and you’re willing to put a link of my blog on your site; you will be top priority for receiving a demonoid invite.

I removed comments on this post because a lot of visitors aren’t reading the post.

Thank You.

84 thoughts on “Get Demonoid Invite – Demonoid Is Back.

  1. Ive been in search for a invite for Demonoid for the longest time, reason why i should recieve an invite well im sure you guys must of heard tons of reasons so im going to be as simple as possible its 1 of the greatest or the greatest torrent sight in the world!!! Simply love Demonoid for all the goodies it offers…

    Thanx in advance …Lifeforce

  2. I’m not entering the contest, I just want to know what exactly a torrent is and what it does for you.

  3. Torrent.

    “Definition: Torrents or BitTorrents are files shared with the BitTorrent peer-to-peer network. Peer-to-peer means that the files are shared by individual computers on the network rather than stored on one central server.

    BitTorrent sharing distributes the download by downloading pieces of a file from many different sources, rather than downloading the whole thing from one computer or server. This makes it much less taxing on the individual computers involved, and it offers some protection that someone hasn’t slipped malicious or corrupted files into the system.”

    Thank You.

  4. I’ve never had more than 15 kB/s download speed using a torrent. That’s why I’d like to have a Demonoid invite.

  5. I need it cuz.. ill be one of de gr8est seeders… helping every1 … and not being selfish…

  6. Hi,

    Can you invite me one.
    I want to be a member of demonoid. Demonoid maybe the best torrent tracker in the world. i need an account to login and to search book, application, & others.i like sharing the knowldge of human.

    what are you leaving for?

  7. my e-mail address is

    I sent you an e-mail. But just in case

    I want one because I have this lecture I want to download that I don’t think is anywhere else but on Thanks

  8. Want a demonoid invite? I currently have 5 available. First come First serve! Please email with the subject of “Demonoid Invite Code”.

    Thank you. Please note that when I reply with the invitation code, and it is not used within 24 hours I will be giving out all remaining unused codes in a comment on this site. If you receive a code, please use it within 24 hours from this comment or it may not be valid when you try it.

  9. In addition to this site, I will be giving my codes when I get them. I will be starting a list of requests. Please use the steps in my last post to send an email to me. First people to send the e-mail will be at the top of the list.

    When I have available codes, I will send an e-mail to the top of the list and require a response within 24 hours(asking whether they have obtained a code in a different location such as this website’s contest). If I do not get a response similar to “I still need a code” or if I get a response of “I got an account already” I will move to the next name on the list to make sure those who really want it and need it get it first.

    P.S. This is the only site I am accepting from, so tell your friends to come to this site to enter the contest and then e-mail me! While I am not affiliated with this site, I like the way he is handing them out via contest and I hope we can bump it back up to #1 on google for people that need invites but want to avoid the scams!

  10. LEO

    “I’ve never had more than 15 kB/s download speed using a torrent. That’s why I’d like to have a Demonoid invite.”

    Sounds like you need to open ports on your computer to increase your download speed. Go to and follow there step by step guide, all you need to know is the name of your router and your bit torrent client.

    You can further increase your speed using TCP optimisation too, if you email me at i can send you a program that will automatically optimise your TCP settings for you.

    The last way you can optimise your speed is to tweak the settings of your bit torrent client, you can find information about this at or once again you can email me.

    Oh and I am looking to join the Demonoid community too so if anyone can help me by emailing me me an invitation code it would be very much appreciated.


  11. I would like one because I have a great library of music from local bands to rare bootlegs. I also keep utorrent up at all times and will be an amazing seed. I had oink before it shut down and I kept a great ratio. Please help me out.

  12. Hi, I Have soo many apps and films to seed and would love to promote a rare talent that is my friends band. This would be great for the wider audience yet private torrents on Demonoid, would be much appreciated. Please pass on an invite!

  13. Can you please give me a code to get back into demonoid? I was a valued member before the site went away but now that it is back I need a code to get back in and start seeding all my torrents. I have a ton of bandwidth and am just waiting for the opportunity to seed.


  14. Hi I urgently seek a invitation code. Pls mail it to me. Shall be thankful to you for entire life.

  15. I want to seed chess software and chess books in pdf,
    I have already uploaded some chess software torrents to demonoid in the past, I was cyronix, after the crash of demonoid I can not anymore login back to my old account …
    I am just waiting to get back online …


  16. please send me an invite i will seed and wont be selfish i want to
    download some tv shows and all the other torrents iv found were zero
    seeders so please invite me.

  17. If anyone has an extra code I would love to get one. I have over 1TB of data I can share and Cox cable just upgraded my connection so I have a 2MB upload rate.

    I use to use IRC but for some reason it takes 2-5mins to connect to a server and my commands do not work. Also get disconnected often from that =/

  18. Could I get an invite please, reason that I need one is because the crappy cable company that I am with cut off their news-server :( and I don’t have anyway do download anything interesting anymore.


  19. Can some kind hearted folk please send me a invitecode to Demonoid. Ive been trying for ages but with no success. I use to be a frequent user of Oink and i have a tremdous amount of files i could seed.

    Thanks in advance ,
    a dirty hippy

  20. I am in nEEd and i also am a 24/7 seeder and i heard that Demonoid is the best site for torrents and its very limited

  21. Hi, I have been looking for awhile to get a invitation. I am trying to download this learning dvd for my daughter. so if anyone can please help me by sending me a code. I would really appreciate it.
    thank you

  22. Hi!, I need a invitation for Demonoid site, could you please send me one. Thank you…

  23. I would be most greatful if you could send me an invitation code, please.
    I’ve been using as a homepage for too long now but still wasn’t able to register.
    I have a lot of music and movies to share, and as I am registered on a French private tracker, my client is running 24/7.
    Thanks in advance

  24. I give 5 away a everyday.

    check out my site sometime:


  25. I would like an invitation. I’m not going to bother making up a sob story,beg, buy one, or promise to give away my first born. I just want one and if I’m lucky enough to get one then great. If not, the sun will come up tommorow. It would just be nice to have one. So could I please have an invite code. Thank you.

  26. Hello everyone, I am still giving out invites on a regular basis but only for the ones who send me their request per mail and not by writing a comment.

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