Get Demonoid Invite – Demonoid Is Back.

February 15, 2012 update: Read HERE

May 19 2009 UPDATE: I will start giving demonoid invites again.
Please email with the reason why you need an account.
If you own a website or a blog and you’re willing to put a link of my blog on your site; you will be top priority for receiving a demonoid invite.

I removed comments on this post because a lot of visitors aren’t reading the post.

Thank You.

84 thoughts on “Get Demonoid Invite – Demonoid Is Back.

  1. Hi, would anyone be kind enough to send me an invitation code please? I would be ever so grateful >.< And if I register I will give what ever codes I am able to make to people who have posted on here if that would be of any help? I’m really out of ideas on how to get onto that site =/

  2. hi .there … plz If Any 1 Can give me invitation of . O am in a hurry plzpzl zplz


  3. Are there any invites going for demenoid, been checking the site every few days but never seem to be able to register, have music to upload and seen some files to dowmload. Thanx

  4. hey guys!!!

    i am really desperate for a invite…been dying for one for some time now!!!…some body please help….please email me…

  5. in the highly unlikely event that someone sees this/has a code to spare, I would be insanely grateful for an invite! I’m trying to get a book that I can depressingly only find on demonoid -.- if lucky enough to get an invite, I’d pass on the favor to someone else in need

  6. I’ve been trying for AGES to get an invite code for Demonoid without sucsses. I would be most grateful to anyone who can send me an invide code. Any codes that I can get I’ll pass on through this site. Many thanks:

  7. Can someone please send me an invite? I have tonnes of movies and magic videos waiting to seed but the only torrent I need to download is on demonoid!

    If anybody can invite me please email me at

    Thanks in advance!!

  8. Have been a member of different sites like and But now I want to advance and start using demonoid, I usualy like having a ratio around about 5, so I can assure you, I am a serious seeder!

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