Demonoid Invites are Back

Hello guys,

I’m back with new demonoid invites.

Please use the contact form to send me an email with a reason of why you believe that you should get an invite. I will choose the winners based on the content of your mail. If you own a blog and agree to post about my website then you will automatically receive an invite.

Good luck to you all.

10 thoughts on “Demonoid Invites are Back

  1. I’m a long-time member of and where I have ratios in excess of 2.0.

    I want a private torrent site through which video is available.

  2. I really need an invite to get resources for my daughter for homeschool. I recently started homeschooling my daughter due to health issues, (nothing to bad) My hubby used to have an account that I used often. his UN and PW where saved on the computer and it took a dirt nap now he cant remember what he used to get on. I have looked all over other sites and none have what I am looking for. I would be very thankful to you if you could send me one! Thanks and God Bless

  3. I need an invite to Demonoid because I want to download Games and Game torrents get leeched instantly, but demonoid lists all the torrents so I can download them. Thanx.

  4. Hi,

    I need a invite to get the training documents which is very good in the site.

    It will be helpful if you can send me a invite.

    Thanks in advance,

  5. I am looking to share information. I haven’t been happy about the loss of some phenomenal P2P and torrents sites getting shut down over the years for sharing information. Remember FILEPILE? It was a great site!Can’t stand the fact that the government and big business are shutting down every place. Software should be open source and free for everyone to access for their own reasons. Would love an invite to contribute, take from and learn more! Eitherway, thanks!

  6. hey my name warstm im looking to get a invite to a private site so i can have real torrents that are seeded and i have a computer with good isp and more then willing to seed forever if need be i just want quaility downloads if you would like some specs let me no a few of the basics are crosshair v formula mother board asus router no nic just the built in one on the motherboard but if the seed ratio is what your after i can provide that for sure thanks in advance let me no

  7. Well I unfortunatly dont have a blog but i do have things like a twitter, facebook, deviantart and other assorted social networking sites that I would be happy to promote your site on, I typically use average torrent downloading applications for all my downloads but i would love the opportunaty for a demonoid account because i hear they are the best that there is. I hope youll consider me for an invite cause that would be awesome.

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