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Cheat at scrabble.

The Scrabble Word Finder searches through the entire English language to determine the best word to play at the best position on the board. The word finder engine was compiled in the powerful C++ language to allow for the absolute fastest execution time possible while still considering every last available move given a particular board and set of tiles. The word returned will always be of the highest point value possible for that particular move.”

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Ebay Misspelling

How is it that identical items can fetch such widely differing prices on eBay? Sometimes it is a matter of timing, or just luck – especially for things for which there are not many buyers. Quite a bit, however, has to do with the quality of the Item Title & Description. Buyers for instance may search for a “monitor” but would not find the several auction lots where the item is titled “moniter” or “monitro”. With millions of lots added to eBay daily misspellings can provide real bargains for the determined eBay hunter.

Of course the money saved by finding bargains could be offset if you have to spend hours searching for misspellings. That’s where Auction Speller comes in – we do the hard work so you don’t have to!! This Free service will check for the most common misspellings and typos and bring you back the results instantly.

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Real-life Superheroes: #6 (King Tooth)


On August 30, 2007, the eve of Malaysia’s 50th Independence Day, Rathakrishnan Velu (or Raja Gigi, as he is known locally) broke his own world record for pulling train with his teeth, this time with 6 coaches attached weighing 297.1 tons over a distance of 2.8 metres at the Old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station. Raja Gigi, from Tampin in Malaysia learned a technique of concentrating his powers to any part of his body from an Indian guru at a young age of 14.

FreeCell Game Tricks

Instant Victory
At any time during the game enter the following code….
Ctrl + Shift + F10
A screen with three options will appear, choose Abort then make a play and you should win the game.

Hidden games
From the game menu, choose ‘Select game’. Enter -1 or -2 when the game asks you to enter a number.