Google Earth’s Hidden Flight Simulator

By pressing Ctrl + Alt + A In Google Earth version 4.2 and above, you will activate Google Earth’s hidden flight simulator. It works very smooth and it is a great competiter to Microsoft Flight Simulator X, since it is free.

Here are some shortcut keys:


Exit flight simulator: Ctrl + Alt + A, Escape

Open flight simulator options: Ctrl + Alt + A

Rotate pilot viewpoint : Arrow keys + Alt (slow) or Ctrl (fast)

Display flight simulator help: Ctrl + H

Increase thrust: Page Up

Reduce thrust: Page Down

Aileron left: Left arrow

Aileron right Right arrow

Elevator push: Up arrow

Elevator pull: Down arrow


Exit flight simulator: Command + Option + A, Escape

Open flight simulator options: Command + Option + A

Rotate pilot viewpoint: Arrow keys + Alt (slow) or Ctrl (fast)

Display flight simulator help: None

Increase thrust: Page Up

Reduce thrust: Page Down

Aileron left: Left arrow

Aileron right: Right arrow

Elevator push: Up arrow

Elevator pull: Down arrow down

Internet Search Engine Search engine and directory from AOL. Used to be NetFind. Features regional search. Fast. An all-time great, superfast. Has news service from ABC; a translation service and incorporates Looksmart directories. Make queries using plain English. “Uses sophisticated natural language processing to understand and match users’ questions to an extensive knowledge base.” Often throws up links you’d never thought of looking for. Has been licensed by many other services. North American yellow pages. Fast meta-searcher, returning comprehensive results from various other search engines Categorised search A common interface to a collection of the best search engines. Also contains description about each of the featured search engines European business directory listing Searches based on concepts and keywords with very useful ‘more of this’ feature. Good for exploratory searches. Now has a UK site. Seems that it has also merged with/taken over the old Magellan site. Another UK based categorised Web site searcher Formerly INFOSEEK. Search categories include news, education, business, etc. Good fast search engine Fast searcher (formerly the World Wide Web Worm) Searches the entire Web, if a site is registered, then it will be found. Fast and comprehensive once connected. A directory service, also integrated into AltaVista from Readers Digest. Has UK site. Another favourite with loads of indexed pages, including a directory of popular sites. A meta-search engine that sends queries to a number of search engines then organises the responses and presents them according to relevance and source. Quite good. Launched in 1999, this is a search engine with a bias towards UK content (about time!). Easy to use, very quick and has a number of unique search options. Gets at least
Categorised search, not bad. A neat search engine that places your search results into folders to let you quickly home in on your criteria.A bit slow though. It’s goal is to “goal is to produce the most comprehensive directory of the web, by relying on a vast army of volunteer editors”. Replaces NewHoo. A meta-searcher, simultaneously searches and returns results from 9 internet search engines. Users can choose which search engines to used, including things like “fastest”; “best”. Another meta-searcher, simultaneously searches and returns results from several internet search engines. Tells you which engine returned a result. Part of Quite good.

Search.COM A meta-search engine plus directory. Searches can be directed to “true” search engines or to “directories” and can be customised according to country. Can be confusing to first time user. Directory of businesses in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium and France. Much like yellow pages. Another good, no frills search engine, which returns quite relevant results. A directory service, which can be personalised by users. It has a “speed” feature that presents more information to users with high speed internet connections. Strangely, all the UK stuff is listed under England!?! A meta-search engine A search engine for locating products and company info. Another meta-search system, that submits your queries to 11 search engines including Usenet News sites. But its up to you to go into each of the respective search sites to view the results. Saves time going to each one, but consolidation of results would be nice. A site catalog, with generating results quite quickly. Catagorises sites instead of pages. However, it seems limited at the moment (still experimental Aug. 98) and results seem to return mainly commercial sites. Directory search engine for locating UK based resources and companies As name implies, only indexes UK sites, can be slow News, arts, entertainment, etc. in the USA A comprehensive categorised search facility. Replaces the old EuroFerret. Quite fast and comprehensive. Claims to support “natural language” queries, but turns up all kinds of weird results. Seem to rely heavily on Yahoo directories.
The classic with categorised sites, one of the first and most extensive. Very popular, so can be slow. Use the Yahoo’s UK and Ireland site to search for local information. BT’s Yellow Pages online (slow for a UK based service … too popular??)

The Top BitTorrent Websites of 2008

Spring has just arrived in the Northern hemisphere; what better way to welcome it with a “Spring Cleanup” list of the Hottest BitTorrent websites of 2008.

Sources –,, and manual searches including P2P forums, meta-search websites & Google ‘operator’ queries.

The websites listed below only serve up .torrent files – related BitTorrent ’software’ sites are not included. Data source: – 2008.




4. (Good Search Engine)

5. (Russian)


7. (Asian/Eng)




Look Into My Eyes – While I Steal £600

Italian police have issued CCTV pictures of a man who appears to hypnotise a supermarket cashier before stealing money from her till.

According to reports from the Italian news agency, Ansa, the man asked the cashier to change a 100 euro note and as soon as the till was opened he proceeded to hypnotise her into handing over money.

“She was asked something concerning the banknotes,” a police spokeswoman told Sky Italia.

“(As) she opened up the cash the man took away some money in a very natural way.”

It is thought the man was working with a female accomplice, seen calmly leaving the supermarket behind the suspect.

When the cashier came to count the till money at the end of her shift, £600 was missing.

“It was very strange,” she said.